Collaboration – Not Just a Buzzword

Collaboration may seem overused, but it is not just a buzzword or an empty cliché. As a design-build firm with four dynamic and distinct parts – architecture, engineering, construction and development – collaboration is essential. Our greatest successes have come about because of our team’s desire to come together and contribute their expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, project or mission.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once “Measure twice, cut once” is a well-known and often used phrase  in carpentry. The meaning being quite literal: measure the wood twice before making a cut to ensure all pieces fit together correctly. The sentiment of this phrase can be extended to other areas in the

Building Communities: Achieving Workforce Inclusivity

Building Communities: Achieving Workforce Inclusivity When the South Avenue Price Rite opened its doors in June 2017, it not only demolished a food desert, but also stood as a project constructed by and for the local community. Syracuse non-profits, businesses and contractors collaborated to recruit a Price Rite construction workforce,

Making A Difference in Our Community 45 years ago, the City of Syracuse and surrounding communities embraced a young architect, right out of college, and gave him the support he needed to start VIP Structures. VIP CEO, Dave Nutting has instilled in all of us the importance of community and making a difference – one project